Welcome to DotSwap Nexus — Your developer hub for integrating with DotSwap's BTC-native DeFi solutions.

Since the start of its public beta in September 2023, up to now, DotSwap has supported over 360+ BTC in transaction volume, a liquidity pool value of over 36+ BTC, and more than 8000 on-chain BTC asset atomic swaps. Now, you can easily access DotSwap's DEX/liquidity pool solutions, unlocking unlimited possibilities for your BTC assets.



A battle-tested AMM solution supports a variety of UTXO assets (BRC20, ARC20, etc.), making market making automated and efficient.


An efficient liquidity management system, fortified by Safeheron's MPC service and BitGo's multisig co-signing service, ensuring top-tier asset security.

Asset Locking

A BTC-native trustless asset locking mechanic, simplifying the security of UTXO assets like BRC20 and ARC20.

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